Sunday, 25 March 2007

Keeping Up with the Natives

Whole-School Staff Training in ICT

Many thanks for those who attended my presentation on our approach to staff professional development in ICT. I hope there was something in there (somewhere!) of use to you, although I do stress that this is just one approach – and the one that appears to be working for us. I am particularly grateful for those of you who offered your suggestions and ripped holes in my presentation! This is what makes events such as this so valuable to us all: we come along with an idea, present it to our peers, listen to what others have to say, go back and improve it further.

My notes are available on my fledgling wiki page (many thanks for Julie Lindsay for providing the inspiration for this!) and this will be a work in progress as time goes on. If anyone would like a copy of my presentation on Interactive Whiteboards or would like to chat/visit our school, please drop me a line.

On that note, I would like to thank Pat D'Arcy for organising such a high quality conference and the staff at ISD for making us all welcome.

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